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服部 夢仁  Yumehito Hattori

Yumehito Hattori graduated Toho Gakuen university at Japan.And deal with a lot of music such as a movie, theater, the game including activity as a composer, an arranger during attendance at school mainly more. Yumehito interlace much sound from the bleeps such as synthesizers to nature sound skillfully, and the music of the various styles that exceeded the fence of the genre gets high evaluation.
And he is active as a sponsor of "KINEMATIC SOUND THEATER" from 2009, Running crossed all genres live festival "Enyu-ji live " from 2011 through 2013 in Enyuuji Temple of Meguro-ku Tokyo for three years. It's called a topic by sponsorship, the costarring of the artist beyond the genre. In addition, in late years the music produce such as an event or the show, the music offer to animation CM of the revival mall of the "Tohoku" Stricken area of the earthquake go energetically, Such as chorus arrangement of Buddhist hymns to be sung in Tsukiji Honganji choir has also carried out energetically, it has widened the field of its activity. Currently, it serves the same choir piano accompanist.

桐朋学園卒業。在学中より作曲家、 アレンジャーとして活動をはじめ、主に映画、舞台演劇、ゲーム等の音楽を多数手掛ける。
2009年からはライブイベント「KINEMATIC SOUND THEATER 〜映像のない試写会〜」の主催者としても活動しており、2011年から2013年にかけ、は目黒区の圓融寺にてオールジャンルライブフェス「圓融寺ライブ」を3年間にわたり主催、ジャンルを越えたアーティストの競演で話題を呼んだ。



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